ShowRoom was founded in 2018 by Julia LaTray (DonkeyGirl, Julia LaTray Studios), Maren Lorenz (Bean An Ti Clogs), and Tanya Cohen (@piece Furniture). What originally began as a place to meet with our creative clients soon blossomed into a space where we could showcase goods from our artist friends and local makers. We brought in fine jewelry, local leather bags and clothes, and slowly expanded into our new space.

Eventually and organically, we came to realize we had a real live shop on our hands! During the holiday season of 2019 we packed our space full of beautiful offerings, and got such a great response from our Missoula community that we committed to being actual shop owners with an actual store. We expanded our space, brought in more artists and makers, and made plans for the future.  

Then in the spring of 2020 the shop (along with the rest of the world) faced the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, followed by the social and political protests that completely changed the way we understood work, class, privilege, and politics. It was a challenging time to be a small business owner. But it was also an extraordinary opportunity to re-calibrate and re-focus on what mattered most.

In the months and years that followed, we've dedicated ourselves more to being the kind of shop we want to see in the world. Most of the work in the store is from women/femme makers and artists—many of them local to Missoula—and independent designers dedicated to sustainability and slow craft. We stock affordable gifts alongside heirloom pieces, as we believe that self-care, adornment, and art should be accessible to all. We prioritize community support and mutual aid, and donate a minimum of 10% of our profits to local organizations who do the same. 

We have been floored by the support our community has shown us, and continues to show us. And we’ve only grown since then. In May of 2021, Tanya and Julia moved to a new location in downtown Missoula, on the ground floor of the Montana Building at Broadway and Higgins. Maren moved to Maine for a while (you can still buy her clogs online) and we’ve been joined by some new shopmates: Mercy of Slangover Vintage, and Kelly and Jay of OMO Studio

Today, ShowRoom is proud to be a woman-owned and -operated collective featuring colorful and unique home goods, furniture, ceramics, vintage, and so much more. It’s a one-stop shop for original artwork, Montana-made gifts, mid-century furniture and accessories, all-natural apothecary, and other bright and happy objects for your home and yourself. 

We’re so happy to be here, and grateful to all of our friends and neighbors who make the shop what it is. Hope you come on through and see us sometime. 

Much Love,

Julia & the ShowRoom crew